When a head-pounding summer cold leads to creativity.

After two weeks of fun travel (first a road trip to eastern Washington and Idaho, then a 5-day adventure in Austin), we’ve come home to more hot, dry weather, and lots of Kleenex, cough drops, and stuffy noses. Our front room is Barbie Central right now, and my butt has started to mold into the chair with my laptop glued to my lap. I just want to breathe again! Yesterday, out of sheer boredom, Holly discovered iMovie on my phone, so she’s been hard at work piecing together silly videos with sound effects, and then–just this morning–she made a book trailer for Iris.

Now, I know book trailers are controversial in the indie pub biz, as people either go all-out and pay for amazing introductions to their books, or they make semi-crappy ones that aren’t really worth the time and effort. Making a book trailer for Iris was definitely not something I’d considered sinking time or money into, so I’m putting this out there strictly for fun, and because I admire creativity (especially in my own child!) Holly did an amusing job of finding Barbies to represent the various family members in our book, and she tried to bring to life some of her favorite scenes (like Peanut Butter chasing Skelly over the top of the fully-loaded Thanksgiving dinner table, and Iris with her camera), and–as always–I was amazed at how quickly a young mind adapts to and absorbs technology; I’ve had iMovie on my phone for a couple of years, and I had no idea I could make movie or book trailers (not that there’s a lot of call for that in my daily life!)

Anyhow, here’s to (hopefully) our last day of being sickos confined to the house, and to the fruits of a boredom-creativity-technology combination. Cheers!