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Steph & Holly Back-to-Back (large)(1)My name is Stephanie. I’m a high school teacher in the Pacific Northwest, and Holland (“Holly”) is my only child. We like to hang out together and read, write, walk the dog, watch HGTV, eat sushi, and make up silly jokes and voices that no one gets but us. The man in our lives is my husband, Kelcey (also a high school teacher); he’s been tolerating my off-kilter sense of humor for the past twenty-five years. Sometimes he looks at us, shakes his head in wonder, and says, “Wow. Now there are two of you.” Isn’t he lucky?!

Last year Holly had an idea for a series of books, so we talked it over and started putting words on page one as soon as school let out for the summer. We wrapped up the first draft of our manuscript in February and now we’re starting our brainstorming and research for book two. Wish us luck!

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    • I love hearing that your mom was your best friend–I’m sorry she’s gone. Writing together has been a huge blessing for me and my daughter. I never dreamed that at almost 13 she’d still be content to spend entire days with me just working on a project like this. I’ll never forget this time I’m having with her!

      • I think it’s wonderful! My mom (and dad) really instilled a sense for reading in me, and even as a teen I often palled around with my mom. It’s fabulous you both have a strong connection to writing together! 🙂