We’re feeling pretty happy in this moment, because Iris is published and out in the world! It took us a full year from sitting down to type the first words, to the final publication on Amazon and Smashwords, but it’s finally done–we’re published authors! We’re well into the first draft of our 2nd manuscript, and the cover for that one is already finalized, but we’d love it if you joined us here at the beginning of our journey and read Iris. It’s currently $2.99 and available for download on Amazon here and on Smashwords here. It’s being distributed through Smashwords to all of the other non-Amazon vendors, so very soon it should also be available on iBooks and through Barnes & Noble and Kobo as well.

If you are kind enough to download it, then thank you–your support means the world to us! If you would also consider leaving us a glowing review (no pressure!) then we’d love you to eternity and back for that. I kind of feel like the real work begins now: marketing, promoting, and trying to make this book visible feels like a bigger mountain to climb than just writing it! But we’re up for the challenge–and we’re excited to keep writing!

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